The Mid-South Search & Rescue Dog Association is an all-volunteer, nonprofit association dedicated to providing highly trained search and rescue dog teams to assist with search & rescue operations throughout Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, and surrounding states. We endorse and encourage training of search and rescue dog teams and support personnel to the highest level achievable. We provide assistance to agencies in need of search and rescue dog teams and support personnel. We promote public understanding of the purpose and capabilities of search and rescue dogs. As volunteers, we accept the personal risks associated with the performance of our duty. We maintain our team, our equipment, and ourselves in a state of readiness so that we may respond quickly and efficiently whenever needed, doing our best to help so that others may live.

Mid-South Search & Rescue Dog Association

MSSARDA is a non-profit volunteer group. Members are responsible for all costs of their training, equipment, and care of their canine. Established in 2007, MSSARDA evolved from a regional chapter of the Tennessee Search & Rescue Dog Association. All Mission-Ready K-9 Teams have met the requirements and been certified through the National Association for Search & Rescue (NASAR), and often other respected agencies as well.